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We do all of the above so you can focus on your core business and keep building, while we are building you another vertical/plan to sell!  We do all of this as a team, thus saving you time and money hiring, interviewing, and spending countless wasted hours managing new hires, training sales, etc.  We are your team!

Another vertical is a team with 25 years’ experience helping companies find new homes, new sales, new business for their already existing/new business.  We have helped 100s of customers and gotten sales of 500 million. 

Marketing & PR

Market your new products or services to thousands of potential buyers.
Present your new products to the correct or additional potential buyers.

E-Mail & Presentations

Create a deck/one sheet to send out.
Pick a target audience to send your items too.
Handle the response/transaction.
Continuous email campaigns.

Business Administration

Fill out any vendor forms-get you set up as a vendor to the potential retailer/buyer.
Help get your product routed and shipped out.

Accounting & Orders

Handle reorders, chargeback, etc. any problems that come up.
Handle any returns.

Strategy Planning

Set up any social media/sites needed.
Product launch (parties).

Virtual Assistant

Act as your sales/marking office.
Present any conventions that may apply. Get you a booth, sponsor package.

Statistics Don't Lie

See what we've done, who we've helped, etc. etc.

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